Looking for things to do in Melbourne. Here’s a collection of highlights from around the city!

Explore The Laneways

Melbourne has one of the best laneways scenes in the world. Since the 80’s the city’s alleyways have taken on their own life, and are now filled with bars, restaurants, cafes and street art. The most popular laneway is Hosier Lane, just down from Flinder’s Street Station. We also recommend visiting AC/DC Lane and Centre Place.

Eat The Food

Melbourne loves its food. The city is home to many restaurants, some of which have been voted among the best in the world.

Drink The Coffee

It’s fair to say that many Melbournians have a caffeine addiction. While you’re there we can recommend visiting one of the city’s many cafes and trying a coffee.

Take A Walking Tour

Sometimes the best way to see Melbourne can be through one of the city’s many walking tours. You’re able to explore laneways and see Melbourne from a local’s perspective. One of the best tours is this cocktail bar tour that explores hidden bars and speakeasies. You’ll enjoy 3 cocktails, explore alleys and learn more about the city’s very rebellious history.

Visit the Gardens

Melbourne is home to many beautiful gardens, many of which can be found within the CBD. The biggest of which is the Royal Botanical Gardens, covering around 29 hectares. There is also Fitzroy Gardens, Carlton Gardens & Flagstaff Gardens.